Johanne McCarthy, ND


Dr. Johanne McCarthy, ND

Dr. Johanne McCarthy is happy to be back practicing in her home town of Caledonia. She is from the Onondaga Nation of the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory and a happy mother of two young children. She graduated from CCNM in 2005 and Professor of Health Sciences at Mohawk College and McMaster University.

In 2011 her career and livelihood was sidelined as she fought for her life to overcome a mysterious debilitating illness. She never expected to be on the other side of health care. After undergoing brain surgery her condition was discovered to be resulting from Lyme disease.

As an Aboriginal patient with a mysterious illness, Dr. McCarthy experienced firsthand the negative impact of misinformation and racism in health care.  Now that she is fully recovered, she is motivated to change how we educate our health care providers so that patients are listened to and their concerns are valued and treated.  

Dr. McCarthy continues to be an active leading advocate and spokesperson for collaborative health care.  She prioritizes the establishment of healthy therapeutic relationships that support client-centered care meeting you where you are at on your Healing Journey.

Dr. McCarthy’s Hours

Thu:      3:00pm – 7:00pm (alternating)

(905) 765-0404

(905) 765 8970

25 Caithness St W,
Caledonia, ON
N3W 1B7