Our BLOOD has the ability to tell us a story about our current health. Through Live Blood Cell microscopy our specialists at MICROCELL SCIENCES INC have the ability to uncover that story through a single drop of blood from our clients.

Our mission with the Live Blood Analysis is to compliment the services offered by the Naturopathic Doctors at the HJNC. Our team of live blood cell analysts are dedicated to helping the Naturopathic Doctors develop a unique, highly specialized and holistic treatment plan for their patients.

With a simple drop of blood drawn painlessly from the tip of a finger, we are able to see the integrity of our patients’ cells through the use of high-resolution dark field microscopy. Our specialists have been trained to identify conditions such as parasites, yeast, inflammation, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, acidity, dehydration, stress, allergies, toxin overload and many others.

Symptomatology alone is not enough to accurately assess a clients’ wellbeing. Through blood cell analysis, urine and metal testing, we are able to provide the Practitioner with a detailed report which gives them the confidence to make recommendations to improve the health of their clients.

Each visit is 45 minutes long. The client is tested and provided with a visual interpretation of their blood status. At the end of every appointment, the client is provided with a detailed report of our findings, handouts and high-resolution photos of their blood. Clients are able to book 15 to 30 minute follow-up visits to see and track their progress. We have found this method to be highly motivating and engaging for both the client and Naturopathic Doctor.