Chantel Roberts

Live Blood Cell Analyst

Chantel Roberts, Live Blood Analyst

At the Healing Journey Naturopathic Clinic, our Live Blood Cell Analysis is provided by Chantel Roberts – a representative of Microcell Sciences Inc. Here’s what they have to say about Live Blood Cell Analysis.

At Microcell Sciences Inc., we believe knowledge is power!

With a simple drop of blood drawn painlessly from your finger, the test is able to provide an amazing amount of information to assist you in healing faster!

Live Blood Cell Analysis Can Detect:

Toxin Overload • Auto Immune • Allergies •  Parasites • Digestive Upset • Thyroid • Adrenal Fatigue Yeast • Parasites • Skin Issues • Allergies Auto Immune • Stress • Sugar Imbalances • Acidity • Fatigue • Deficiencies • Sleep Issues • Organ Stress •

Many people today are plagued by issues like this. With a single drop of blood, drawn painlessly from your finger, our Live Blood Analysts help you uncover the true story of your health, arming you with the power to heal from the inside out.

We pride ourselves on having the highest quality technology in our field, so our analysts use Ultra Dark Field Microscopic Live Blood Cell Analysis to reveal the true condition of your blood.

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