Become That Healthy, Confident Woman
Who LOVES The Body She Lives In.

Full Service Naturopathic Clinic Specializing In
Digestive, Hormonal, and Stress-Related Conditions.


There’s an Actual SYSTEM to How Your Body Heals.

Through our unique GAT Protocol © we help busy, overworked and all-around exhausted women get dramatic results in as quick as 1-week.

Hundreds of patients go through the GAT protocol and within 90-days successfully graduate to become a strong, confident woman who:

  • is not afraid of the mirror;
  • is not afraid to say “No” to work that doesn’t serve her;
  • and who LOVES the body she lives in.

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

Look, wellness is something you gotta work at. We get it… but if you don’t do something you’ll continue on the road as you’ve been going – downhill! That sucks.
Who wants to end up in a senior home/care facility before they’re ready? Not you!


  • You know that food is triggering you, but you’re frustrated that even if you avoid them, it doesn’t seem to make a difference. 
  • You’re so done with being afraid to leave the house without knowing where the bathrooms are. 
  • Your skin is breaking out in rashes, that no amount of cream is helping.Your losing your confidence in your own body, trying to hide your undesirable curves into looser and looser clothing.


  • Energy, girl! That’s all that you want! More Energy!
  • Here’s the thing…you’re running yourself ragged all day. Not enough sleep. Early morning. Get everyone out of the house. Meetings. Demands. Maybe find time to eat. Home. Frantic Dinner. Places to be. Finally come 9pm you get a moment of quiet – out come the sweets and salty snacks. Try to fall asleep by 11pm.
  • Repeat
  • It’s time to massively fuel up that tank.

Worn Out?

  • The brain fog is becoming a real issue, and you’re afraid you might have “premature Alzheimer’s.”
  • Your hair, skin and nails are brittle and lack lustre.
  • Your weight keeps climbing, despite best efforts.
  • You may also be experiencing low mood, low motivation… overall everything just feels slow and it’s weighing you down.

Girl, it is NOT all in your head!

Let our team help you succeed through the GAT Protocol ©
and in 3-months start witnessing yourself as a totally different woman!
You’ll just love her!

Getting Started Is Easy


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2. Complete the Questionnaires


3. Show Up and Start Your Transformation

Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND

Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND & CEO

Dr. Meaghan Datema, ND

Dr. Meaghan Datema, ND

Dr. Geneviève Puckerin, ND

Dr. Geneviève Puckerin, ND

Dr. Johanne McCarthy, ND

Dr. Johanne McCarthy, ND

Members Of:

Our Team of Naturopathic Doctors

We treat hundreds of patients every year.

Maybe you have never been to see an ND before.

Maybe you have been to other NDs and did not get great success. This medicine DOES work, but it has to be done in the right way!

Almost every single time, once you have on-boarded with one of our team members, you’ll immediately start to connect with WHY your symptoms are present and as a team, we help you eliminate them and get you feeling the way you SHOULD be feeling.

Our promise is to offer you the fastest course of treatment, that doesn’t require you to take the ‘kitchen sink’ approach to lifestyle changes AND always keeping your budget and busy lifestyle in mind.

*Yes! We do direct bill most insurance companies.
**Both In-office or Virtual Consultations Available.

We also offer:

Now Offering Our Services Virtual Across Ontario

Our clinic is pleased to offer both phone and video consults to patients!

Easy Online Booking

Easy Online Booking


Confidential & Personalized Intake

Functional Lab Testing

Functional Lab Testing & Live Blood Cell Analysis

Get A Customized Health Plan

Get A Customized Health Plan

Solve The Health Concerns No One Else Has

Solve The Health Concerns No One Else Has

Direct Billing Option is Available

Direct Billing Option is Available

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